Yoga classes at Naturéo Surf Camp

At Naturéo, well-being can also be obtained through yoga

Yoga, for all bodies and minds
Yoga is the discipline par-excellence  for accessing well-being. Its practice, as the Indian tradition teaches us, envisages the human being in its totality, the body, the mind and the energy. Make use of your stay at Naturéo to discover or continue the practice of Yoga during your holiday. An incredible discipline that does good for the body and spirit, suitable for all types of people. Don’t hesitate to try the experience!
Battery recharge guaranteed with Yoga at Naturéo Surf Camp
Paola, a passionate dancer since the age of 3, has been practicing Pilates and Yoga for years. Trained in Yoga in India, she offers you the chance to practice this ancestral discipline at Naturéo Surf Camp with a la carte classes.

A positive experience for the body (deep muscle training, balance, stretching) and for the spirit (concentration, meditation, control of emotions).

And to go all the way with the experience, this lover of nature sports offers you, whenever the weather allows, the chance to take outdoor yoga classes, in nature.

Renewal and soothing guaranteed!