Naturéo Surf Camp: a well-being break at Seignosse

Well-being consultations and treatments during your holiday in the Landes

Because you never have time during the year, Naturéo Surf Camp offers you the chance to benefit from your stay to enjoy well-being consultations and treatments during your holiday.

For your well-being, our team has selected professionals offering quality services on-site in the Naturéo village. During your stay, pause time, think of yourself and find your balance!

Well-being consultations

To regain control over your body, make use of your holiday to adopt good habits and get rid of chronic illnesses that poison daily life!

  • Naturopath: this professional practices an alternative medicine which is intended to balance the functions of your body by natural means: diet, a healthy lifestyle, phytotherapy, etc. A gentle way of knowing yourself and getting rid of chronic minor illnesses.
  • Dietician-nutritionist: find a nutritional balance with a personalised nutritional programme. To lose weight or just to feel better!
  • Reflexologist: he relaxes tension and re-establishes the balance of your body with foot-hand-ear massages. In effect, reflexology is based on the postulate that the organs and parts of the body correspond to an area of the feet, hands or ears. Therefore, touching them can reduce or dissipate tensions or physical problems.
  • Osteopath:  rediscover full mobility, finally treat chronic pains that also act on the central nervous system.
  • Treatments and massages: simply to relax your body and spirit!

Beauty treatments

Taking care of yourself is also taking care of your appearance. To feel good in your body and your head. Naturéo Surf Camp simplifies your life with the possibility of on-site treatments in the Village:

  • Beautician
  • Nail bar
  • Hairdresser